Activities in Pietermaritzburg to do when visiting the Jays Guest House

The capital of KwaZulu-Natal and one of Africa’s most picturesque and important historical cities, Pietermaritzburg has a rich heritage of museums and galleries, over 39 National Monuments, and an architecture strongly influenced by the British Colonial era. Many of the streets bear the names of famous generals which attests to the region’s colourful and heroic past.

The city has gone to great lengths to maintain it’s predominantly Victorian/Edwardian character and standing out among the many red-brick Victorian and Edwardian is the City Hall – one of the largest all-brick buildings in the Southern Hemisphere. One of the best ways to bring local history alive isby takingone of the self-guided Town Trails, details of which can be found in pamphlets supplied by the Pietermaritzburg Publicity Association, or by joining one of the PPA's sponsored guided tours.

Numerous local and international sporting and cultural events are hosted by the city throughout the yearwhich combine to create a warm and entertaining environment for resident and visitor alike.

The Surrounding Areas and Tourist Routes

The Battle Fields

The key towns on the Battlefields Route can be reached by a drive of between one and two hours from Pietermaritzburg. For the uninitiated, the Battlefields Route covers an area once the focal point of majormilitary clashes over a 55 year time span, between Zulu's, Boers, Voortrekkers and the British and whichshaped the history of South Africa and changed the course of the British Empire.

The Majestic Drakensberg

Only an hour from the city, the “Roof of Africa” and its stunning scenery awaits. Activities include hiking,rock climbing or simply lazing around at one of the many splendid Berg resorts.

The Natal Beaches

A visit to the beautiful coastline of Kwazulu Natal is only an hour away.
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